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Jobs said, “How a customer unpacks a phone is usually the last thing a traditional product designer considers. But for Apple, the low-cost packaging box is just as worthy of attention as the high-margin iPhone, iPad, and Macbook it contains. ." Apple attaches great importance to a seemingly insignificant packaging box, and through repeated optimization of packaging, meets the diverse needs of customers on the basis of "function" and "aesthetics".

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The instinct-level experience is related to the consumer's first impression of product packaging design. A good instinct-level experience refers to a design that enables consumers to quickly make emotional judgments. It appeals to the physiological feelings of the five human senses. Through attractive package design, consumers can form a good sensory experience and emotional experience. "Like" or "good" judgments. In fact, this also coincides with the opinion of Apple founder Steve Jobs, who once mentioned: "When you open the box of an iPhone or an iPad, or the packing box of a Macbook, we want that wonderful The tactile experience can set the tone of the product in your mind." Apple knows that the packaging is the first spokesperson for the overall product, and has put great effort into the design style and box of the packaging box. The most typical example is the heaven and earth cover design used in most of Apple's packaging boxes. After the customer receives the new equipment, tear off the plastic sealing film or paper seal, and then gently pull up the packaging cover, which can realize the ingenious separation of the packaging cover and the box body. If you feel it carefully, customers can clearly feel a damping experience of slow free fall. For Apple's ultra-high level of craftsmanship requirements, the industry is deeply admired, "When all the outer packaging boxes are picked up, the lower part can slide down 1.5cm at a constant speed, which is convenient for users to open the packaging box, and the error rate of the sliding speed and distance. No more than 3%."  It is the countless details of the design of these boxes that make up Apple's current kingship in the mobile phone market. As a professional mobile phone packaging box manufacturer in China, we are also fortunate to join the Apple industry chain, providing universal high-quality custom packaging boxes for many second-hand iPhone, used iPad, used Macbook wholesalers.

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